100% Legal, Hassle Free Marijuana Delivery At Your Doorstep

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Quality Inspected
  • Earn Cash Back

How it Works

Travelbuds is simple, efficient, easy to use, and 100% legal. Watch the 40 second video below to learn more about the Travelbuds process and how we deliver you the best and most affordable marijuana.

how it works

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How Travelbuds Helps You

Let Travelbuds make your marijuana buying process convenient, simple, effortless, and affordable. Here’s how:

Our staff finds the best deal for you

A real, live person takes care of your order, then works with competing suppliers to get you the best deal for the product or strain you’ve ordered. Our staff will also accommodate any special requests as best we can.

Travelbuds saves you time and money

The entire ordering process takes under five minutes and can be done from the comfort of your own home (or, more likely, your bed).

Hassle-free delivery at your doorstep

Travelbuds arranges delivery directly to your location — whether you’re home, at a friend’s place, or out at a restaurant. All you’ll need to do is have your payment and Marijuana License ready.

100% quality controlled Marijuana

All our suppliers maintain strict quality control measures to remain eligible to supply marijuana via Travelbuds. Be it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, we check the recommended composition and packaging and ensure they meet our standard before stocking them. You’ll only receive the highest quality medical marijuana from Travelbuds.

No delivery fees & no credit card required

You’ll never pay a cent to Travelbuds for our services. Instead, you’ll pay the supplier directly via their delivery person when you receive your marijuana.


Earn Cash Back For Using Travelbuds

For every dollar you spend with Travelbuds’ delivery partners, you earn reward credits that can be used towards Visa gift cards. Every $100 spent earns you 10 reward credits. Just think of it as a “thank you” for being a loyal customer.


Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Your State?

Some medical marijuana laws are broader than others, and the types of medical conditions that allow for treatment vary from state to state. To make things easier for you, we’ve created a map that details all marijuana laws per state. But don’t worry, we’ll only deliver to you if it’s legal!

About The Owner

We know how troublesome it could get to access high quality medical marijuana at a reasonable price. Hence we offer personalized concierge service that takes care of your medical marijuana related needs and gets you the best deal after negotiating with competing suppliers.

We care for all our patients and patient satisfaction is our pillar for growth. We strive to make life easy for you. Be it finding the right strain for you, or helping you placing the order, or taking care of your special request, we do almost everything to make you happy. And you know, we are just a click or phone call away. read more...

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